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Our journey in sleep over the last 20 years has allowed us to build long, established relationships with leading CPAP equipment manufacturers and provide excellent service to our CPAP patients nationwide.

Being a supportive partner to our patients throughout their entire sleep journey from diagnosis to ongoing treatment is our priority, and with that in mind we have unified our existing brands to bring to you, Sleep Solutions.

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Sleep Library

UNDERSTANDING THE DISEASE What is Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a breathing problem that occurs when we sleep. The upper airway keeps blocking, partially or totally, because the tongue and upper muscles in the throat relax, causing...

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SupportTalking about it

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is highly prevalent and costs the health system about $400 million annually. Watching out for the warning signs and confirming a diagnosis...

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SleepCircadian Rhythm

Your circadian rhythm is the daily internal clock which determines your sleep/wake cycle.⁴ It has an influence on your alertness or tiredness and is strongly affected by the presence, absence and...

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how has cpap changed your life?

I got my first CPAP in 1991 from Air Liquide and have had a good nights sleep ever since which improved the quality of my life and my wife's also (no more snoring). I can know enjoy a full days activities without falling asleep or feeling tired. It has given me back my life and I have helped a number of my friends enjoy the same results.

Kenneth W.

People complaining about loud snoring, feeling tired, lacking energy to be active, well all of this has disappeared since using my CPAP every day for the last 14 years. Should have looked for medical diagnosis earlier to enjoy my life to the fullest as I am now.

Ashley H.

After 4 years sleeping by myself at the spare room, finally I can sleep with my wife again. I have better sleep. Less headaches. More energy. Better mood. Finally life looks beautiful again. Thank you CPAP. You changed my life for (the) better.

Panagiotis M.

CPAP has improved my health and wellbeing beyond any measurement. My mental wellbeing has improved with getting a good night sleep along with meditation my anxiety and stress has decreased to the best since I was a teenager.

Dennis J.

To wake up without a headache and actually feeling like I have slept, is just amazing. Best thing I ever did.

Tanya L.

Using CPAP has changed my life in a big way I didn't realise how much sleep I wasn't getting. I was tired all the time, had no energy, found it hard to get out of bed in the morning. Since using the CPAP machine I feel great. I have energy I didn't know I had I don't feel tired all the time and when I wake in the mornings I feel so refreshed.

Roslyn M.

In the beginning, I was not feeling good about having to sleep with the CPAP. It didn't take long though for me to realise I was having a more restful sleep and waking up feeling restful and not tired all day as I was used to. I also feel confident that this machine is safeguarding me from any future health problems which can arise from not using it.

Margaret K.

Download Referral

If you think you are at risk of sleep apnea, download our referral and speak to your GP.

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