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Our journey in sleep over the last 20 years has allowed us to build long, established relationships with leading CPAP equipment manufacturers and provide excellent service to our CPAP patients nationwide.

Being a supportive partner to our patients throughout their entire sleep journey from diagnosis to ongoing treatment is our priority, and with that in mind we have unified our existing brands to bring to you, Sleep Solutions.

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Have a question? Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question or need some troubleshooting assistance? Head on over to our FAQ section for diagnostic, therapy and equipment guidance.

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What it is and why it matters Sleep Hygiene

Hygiene may seem like a strange word to use with sleep. However, the term ‘hygiene’ describes practices that support good health, such as hand washing and cleanliness to reduce the risk of infection.

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Let's explain the linkOSA and Motor Vehicle Accidents

Untreated OSA often causes daytime sleepiness, fatigue and difficulty concentrating – all of which can contribute to the risk of having an accident or falling asleep at the wheel.

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How CPAP therapy has impacted your life?

I was constantly falling asleep. I was always tired and would wake up in the morning and be able to go back to sleep. After getting the APAP I noticed the difference immediately, I was able to watch a whole movie without falling asleep and I felt amazing.

U.M, 54

I have been using a CPAP machine for over 12 years. I only then realised that I had not been sleeping properly (just dozing) for many years. Now I cannot really sleep without it. Changed my life completely.

E.W, 79

I used to wake up 29 times an hour dozing off to sleep in the car on the way to work then got diagnosed now I get atleast some good quality hours of sleep and noticed a better and healthy lifestyle.

J.N, 63

I used to wake up tired and with massive headaches. Steph sorted me with a CPAP trial and now I am ready to go when I wake. I don’t feel like I need more sleep and I sleep safely as my 02 levels are great and no one complains about my snoring anymore. I won’t sleep without the CPAP device it’s just not worth it.

J.M, 59

My life was dramatically changed the first night I placed a full mask on my face and had the best nights sleep in years and every night since then I've been loving masking up at night. I tried to talk everyone I knew who snored to have an overnight test to perhaps reveal to them the simple answer to their insomnia and broken sleep, mostly to little result. So to this day I'm enjoying a full night's sleep breathing deeply and oxygenating my lungs and waking up fresh and ready to go.

G.R, 77

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