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Welcome to Air Liquide Healthcare - Sleep Solutions, Australia’s largest facilitator of home sleep apnea studies and therapy. Our Patient Pathway is an end-to-end solution for the diagnosis, treatment and ongoing management of Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

At Air Liquide Healthcare we offer an integrative approach to Sleep Apnea that makes us unique, as our program is designed to both diagnose and treat patients. Validated by Sleep Physicians and provided by our professional staff & partners, you can trust our program to give you the best possible health outcome.

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Our journey

Our journey in sleep over the last 20 years has allowed us to build long, established relationships with leading CPAP equipment manufacturers and provide excellent service to our CPAP patients nationwide. 

Along the way we have been able to expand our extensive coverage across the country thanks to our sleep brands SNORE Australia, Healthy Sleep Solutions, Mycroft, Complete Care and Sleep Disorder Australia (SDCA) that specialise in sleep diagnostics, therapy or both. 

Being a supportive partner to our patients throughout the entire sleep journey from diagnosis to ongoing treatment is our priority, and with that in mind we have unified our existing brands to bring to you, Sleep Solutions.

Services we provide

  • Home-based sleep studies

    A home-based sleep study is a non-invasive recording of your sleep for the diagnosis and evaluation of sleep disorder that is performed while you sleep at home overnight.

    Medicare covers the diagnostic test if you satisfy criteria defined in the MBS guidelines for sleep studies. Your GP will advise you about this when completing the referral.

    Most private health insurers include CPAP therapy under certain packages. We recommend contacting your health insurance provider to check your level of cover.

  • Clinical advice & management

    Your test will be reviewed by a qualified Sleep Physician within a few weeks. If you have OSA, you will proceed to a therapy initiation and titration program that will set the ideal pressure for your therapy and find the best mask for your optimum comfort.

  • Therapy guidance & support

    We will guide you in selecting the most appropriate CPAP machine, mask and level of humidification to suit your personal needs.


    We will continue to follow up on your progress and make adjustments as necessary. We encourage you to come back to our clinics regularly to check that your therapy needs have not changed and to ensure the equipment continues to be in good working order to give you the optimal benefit of therapy.

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