Sleep Study

Once your referral has been received our team will review your referral and reach out to you to confirm your sleep study appointment.

At your appointment

We will introduce you to our program and complete a medical questionnaire. We will then explain you how to fit the sleep study equipment. We will provide you with all necessary equipment and accessories to take home. The portable equipment will record your brain activity, cardiac activity, breathing, breathing effort, oxygen saturation, and body position. This information paints a clear picture of your sleep quality which the independent sleep physician will review for evidence of sleep apnea.

Sleep study preparation

The sleep study is a record of your night’s sleep so it is important to maintain your usual routine as much as possible. Have your usual evening meal and beverages and take your medications unless otherwise instructed by your doctor. You will place the sensors on your body as instructed at your appointment. Following your sleep study, you will pack and return the device to us as per your booking instructions.


Comfort during testing

Wearing some diagnostic equipment when you go to bed may be strange, most patients find that the testing process is not unduly uncomfortable and manage to fall asleep normally. At the time of your appointment, you will go home with either the Embletta MPR or Alice PDx sleep monitoring device.



The following two videos demonstrate how to set up the sleep diagnostic equipment correctly.

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Download Referral

Download Referral
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