OSA can be easily tested and successfully treated

At Air Liquide Healthcare we offer an integrative approach to Sleep Apnea that makes us unique, as our program is designed to both diagnose and treat patients. Validated by Sleep Physicians and provided by our professional staff & partners, you can trust our program to give you the best possible health outcome.

The biggest challenge you may find with CPAP therapy is some embarrassment or initial discomfort using the device and wearing the mask. This usually goes away once you realise how much better you feel after sleeping with CPAP. It is important not to be inconsistent or to abandon the therapy before you experience the benefit.

Air Liquide Healthcare’s therapy support programs are carefully designed to support you at the start of your treatment, when you need the most advice and assistance.

Later we will follow-up regularly to check that your mask still fits comfortably and your therapy is still performing well. Research shows that this kind of support will give you the best chance of a good result with your CPAP therapy.

Our 20 years of experience providing excellent service to CPAP patients has allowed us to build long, established relationships with leading CPAP equipment manufacturers.

All our therapy programs are fully compliant with the
Australasian Sleep Association guidelines.

What are my treatment options?

I need DVA / NDIS support

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If you think you are at risk of sleep apnea, download our referral and speak to your GP.

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